- EST. 1984 -
Huggy Wuggy

Huggy Wuggy is Playtime Co.’s most popular toy ever! Blue, furry, and unequivocally huggable, he’s taken the toy market by storm, outselling every one of his competitors and officially making Playtime Co. the largest toy factory in the world. If it were up to Huggy, every one of his hugs would last forever.

- EST. 1985 -

Huggy Wuggy’s better half and adorable counterpart, Kissy Missy, has a strange way of making any toy collection feel whole. She proved herself to be a perfect follow-up to Huggy Wuggy, making Playtime Co. a household name. No other plush could love you this much.

- EST. 1991 -

Mommy Long Legs made waves in the toy market. Nobody had ever felt something like the Elastic Plastic she was made of, nor could they have dreamed of being able to play with it in their hands. There was nothing else like her- she was the coolest toy around!

- EST. 1950 -

Poppy Playtime was one of Playtime Co.’s first toys, and for 34 consecutive years, held the record as Playtime Co.’s most popular toy. She put Playtime Co. on the map with her cutesy style and incredible responsiveness. Innovative and surprising, Poppy Playtime is the most intelligent doll you’ll ever meet.